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Hemianopsia therapy post stroke

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“More safety in everyday life”

«Thanks to the exercises of the saccadic trainer I have become safer after a stroke in everyday life and especially when cycling»
Mr. Fasel, first customer of the saccadic training

“Enjoying progress”

«With the help of the detailed statistics, I can follow my progress very closely. I train daily because of a half-side blindness and thanks to the varied exercises I even have fun»
Mr. Kaeser, satisfied customer of saccadic training

“No more problems with my daily activities”

«Thanks to the saccadic trainer I was able to resume my life as before the stroke: Driving, walking, sailing and working are possible again and I have no problems with my daily activities»
Mrs. Schneeberger

“Perfectly individual”

«Due to the individual adaptations of the software to the needs of our clientele, this can be optimally supported»
obvita, Organization of the Eastern Swiss Blind Welfare Association

“Newly gained mobility”

«Due to a visual field limitation (hemianopsia) my mobility was severely restricted. After two months of eye training, I successfully regained my previous mobility»
Mr. Castella

“Easier walking and using the computer”

«I notice a significant improvement, especially during walking and when using the computer after a brain haemorrhage.

This change is confirmed by the integrated statistics function in the program. I can see my progress day after day and am encouraged to continue training and improve even more.

The exercises are fun and the individual settings are useful and intuitive.»
Mr. Kolly

“Easier social interaction”

«The eye training helped me after a half-side blindness after a stroke not to move my head so much anymore, but to use my eyes better. As a result, I now move and feel safer, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. In addition, I can recognize my fellow human beings more easily, which makes social interaction much easier.»
Mrs. Andrey

“Free trial version for institutions”

«I can recommend the Sakkadentrainer because with this software I can start training immediately. As the owner of a smaller occupational therapy practice, I appreciate the free trial version for institutions for demonstration purposes. So I can test the training with patients in peace and quiet.»
Christa Gfeller-Indermühle, occupational therapist

“Interesting, varied and affordable”

«I use the saccadic training because I like the ease of use and adaptability to different levels of difficulty.
I recommend this visual training to my patients and clients because it is interesting, varied and affordable. For many, especially older people also an important factor»
Michael Haller, occupational therapist

“...recommend with a good conscience”

«I did the training more or less regularly. It was good for me and also helped me in my everyday life. Today I don't need the training any more and I can work independently on the computer again. I can recommend the saccadic trainer especially for people with a hemianopsia or neglect with a clear conscience»
Mr. H.

“...very diversified”

«I bought the saccadic trainer because you can train comfortably from home. The exercises are very varied. With the statistics you can see if you have improved. It looks very easy in the beginning, but it is definitely not. Even after a year since my stroke, I was able to improve, which makes me very happy.»
Mrs. M.

“...varied and useful material”

«The software offers varied and useful material for the rehabilitation of visual and attention disorders after brain injuries. Detailed and interesting results for professionals»
L. Combremont, neuropsychologist at the Neuchâtel Hospital

“ independently as before”

«Due to multiple sclerosis I have problems with the visual field (optic nerve). The many different exercises and simulators have motivated me to train frequently (daily). The training was worth it, because after seven months I was as independent as before.»
Mr S.

“Back to everyday life with the saccadic trainer”

«Nach einem Hirnschlag half mir dieses Programm buchstäblich zurück in den Alltag. Zuerst musste ich nur die Bilder 'ertragen' lernen, dann konnte ich mit den Übungen beginnen und am Schluss konnte ich meine Fähigkeiten stetig verbessern.
Dieses Programm hat mir geholfen, meine Mobilität wieder zu erlangen.
Ich nutze es seit mehr als einem halben Jahr und bin sehr zufrieden»
Mr. B.

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